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The Autobarn Volkswagen Mazda and Nissan Dealerships are located on the corner of Chicago and Greenleaf Avenues in Evanston. Please stop by and visit anytime.

We started in 1990, as Wholesalers. Disillusioned with the confrontational sales process we had worked in during the 1980s, we started a business where we would purchase traded-in vehicles from new car dealerships and re-sell them to other new car dealers. Business was brisk, and soon we needed a place to get these cars ready! A big old barn-like building was located in Highland Park, and we named it .... The Autobarn .... and went to work. But, something strange happened...people started to come in and ask if they could buy the cars before they got wholesaled! We realized that the non-confrontational way that we were presenting our cars was what some people wanted, and the Autobarn Sales Process was born! Soon we were retailing more cars, than we were wholesaling, and customers were having fun in our showroom - shooting baskets, racing slot cars, drinking strong coffee and buying old BMWs!!

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