Wellness Series; Empaths, Boundaries & Relationships

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Name: Wellness Series; Empaths, Boundaries & Relationships
Date: April 18, 2018
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM CDT
Event Description:
Have you ever wondered if you’re an empath?
Empathy is recognizing that someone is feeling sad and feeling bad for them. When you’re an empath you feel sad with them, and often they haven’t even told you or shown you that they’re sad. You just know. You might find yourself getting buffeted around by the emotions of others – family, friends, even strangers. And what’s more, they tell you you’re just being ‘too sensitive’.
It’s easy to doubt yourself with those messages from your nearest and dearest.
In this class I'll help you recognize and validate the empath in you. I’ll show you how to define and guard your boundaries, and how to be an empath in a relationship (even if your partner is not one.) Together we’ll explore these fundamental issues and learn to separate our fear stories from those valid intuitions that make us empaths.
Most people are at least a little bit of an empath, but regardless of how little or how much you are your self-awareness will grow with this class. The practice of listening to our intuition is a sincere search for what’s authentic and true. Truth, whether it’s welcome or not, acts as an emotional disinfectant. Owning our intuition is central to that truth, and the more self-awareness we have the more we can trust ourselves and our knowings.
Through development of your innate self-awareness you’ll begin to isolate and refine your inner guidance system; helping you to navigate life's rough patches from an empath’s perspective.
Join me.
I am a Martha Beck certified Master Coach. Like many empaths I’ve been drawn to the healing modalities for as long as I can remember. I use my empathic abilities every day in my coaching practice and in my life.
 Zero Balancing Wellness Center,
809 Ridge Rd., Suite 200, Wilmette, IL 60091
Date/Time Information:
Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Contact Information:
Zero Balancing Wellness Center, 809 Ridge Rd., Suite 200, Wilmette, IL 6009
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Register via credit card by calling 847-920-9292 
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the Zero Balancing Wellness Center,
809 Ridge Rd., Suite 200, Wilmette, IL 60091
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