1590 WCGO is Chicago's YourTalk

1590 WCGO is Chicago's YourTalk

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WCGO is Chicago's SmartTalk featuring The Small Business Advocate, The Dave Ramsey Show, Coast To Coast, SoberRadio, Mighty House Home Improvement Radio, Mindful Money, Open Road Radio, Food and Wine with Chef Jamie, Travel Planners, Mike Jackson Outdoors, The Mike Nowak Show with Peggy Malecki, The Kate Dalley Show, Playtime with Bill Turck and Kerri Kendall, Beyond The Beltway and many more. SmartTalk is radio to think by, attracting a mature, engaged and informed listener that focuses on the solutions. Woven within a framework of current events, DIY, and recreation, if you care to be informed and engaged without the anger, WCGO is YOUR talk.

WCGO is also home to the GAB Radio Network, one of the nation's leading audio production and distribution companies. If you're podcasting or streaming online, GAB Radio Network produces and distributes content more effeciently and effectively. WCGO and GAB have a wide array of options for any creation of Content Advertising or Content Distribution. Give Pat Honan a call at 224-307-8164 or email info@wcgoradio.com.


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