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Kikwetu Coffee Company


About Us

Kikwetu Coffee Company is a journey to connect two places that are very important to us: Kenya, where we were born and raised and Chicago where we have made our lives. Started in 2014, we are a minority-owned, women-led business, born and operated right here in Woodlawn.

Our specialty is direct trade Kenyan coffee and teas. We offer the highest quality, freshly roasted beans, premium loose leaf tea and a fine selection of beverages handcrafted from local ingredients.

Across Chicago, we offer catering for events, meetings and gatherings featuring handcrafted beverages, pastries with a special splash of Kenyan hospitality. We also provide elevated coffee & tea services for residential condos and office buildings. In addition, we offer freshly roasted beans and loose leaf teas.

As a testament to our quality, we were named the Face of coffee in Chicago in 2023 by the esteemed Chicago hospitality magazine. We were also selected as the exclusive coffee provider for the amazing Cloud Bar on the 94th floor of the John Hancock building. In addition, we are the exclusive coffee at Green City - the no.1 farmers market in the country.

In additional to exceptional quality, Kikwetu is built on a foundation of human connections. This is our purpose. With every cup, we strive to enable, uncover and foster human connections. Every day, we will strive to do better for people, communities and the planet at every point in our supply chain.You can also find us in DOM's kitchen as well as the major farmers markets in Chicago including Evanston Farmers Market


Martha and Leecox - Owners and founders of Kikwetu Coffee Company
Our youngest daughter showcasing the Kikwetu mug.
Bourbon Bae - one of our handcrafted specialty drinks
Our three special coffees - Boma, Kibano and Gakurari
Our director of market operations.
A display of coffee, tea and Mandazi - our home made Kenyan pastry
Kikwetu Catering Service - a touch of Kenyan Hospitality
One of our customers showcasing a bag of Freshly roasted Kikwetu Coffee
A fabulous event featuring Kikwetu Catering
The Kkwetu Tea Gift set.  Loose leaf tea.
The kikwetu Coffee and Tea gift box
Nia, Ari, Zoe - our three kids graciously posing with our signature Kikwetu mugs

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