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Hagerty Consulting, Inc.


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About Us

Hagerty Consulting is an emergency management consulting firm that helps clients prepare for and recover from disasters. There are two main programmatic divisions within the company, Preparedness and Recovery.

The Preparedness team works with governmental clients to include cities, counties, states, federal entities, as well as colleges/universities, non-profits, and private sector organizations. Preparedness helps them develop customized plans, trainings, and exercises related to emergency operations, sheltering, evacuation planning, mass care and more.

The Recovery team works with clients before and following a disaster. Before a disaster we develop community long-term recovery plans and re-development plans. After a disaster we perform recovery functions for entities that are grappling with and responding to enormous public assistance needs in areas including housing, pet restitution, community development, food distribution and logistics, infrastructure, and donations.

Hagerty has been publicly recognized for delivering superior service and measurable results for high visibility clients including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, City of New York (Hurricane Sandy Recovery), the State of California (developing medical sheltering plans), Cook County Department of Health (Public Health Threat Response Guides), City of New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina Recovery), and Ravinia Festival (Tabletop Evacuation Exercises).

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